ladies who lunch

Today, I went to lunch with a great group of dynamic and friendly ladies.

I admit that I get anxious about it. New faces, possibility of crowds, revealing myself, all these things have the tendency to freak me out. I sometimes debate up until the last minute about whether or not I should go, if I should treat myself to lunch, if I will fit in with these gals who are funny, stylish and interesting.

I have met some fascinating women there and continue to enjoy their company, both on Twitter and in person. I’ve never had many female friends, and often find myself wishing for a little estrogen in my day and this is a perfect way to incorporate some girly time while enjoying some wonderful food.

4 thoughts on “ladies who lunch

  1. i told you i read and post! very sweet… keep coming kate!we miss you when you are not there. you are a joy to be around and fit perfectly into the random group that are the lunching ladies! you are so brave to say the things you say in your posts.


  2. I get anxious too. It’s definitely out of my comfort zone but I like putting faces to names and having a really conversations. Plus everyone is super friendly. I’ve enjoyed the last 2 I’ve been to and plan to keep coming. Hope to see you at the next one!

    P.S. Your writing is great and I love the intimate emotion that comes through in each of your posts. Just added you to my google reader!


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