when exes remarry

I guess he’s remarried.

I talked to him just a few short weeks ago. I didn’t know he was seeing anyone, much less married. I guess I have no right to know. I sucked it up and told him I was seeing someone when the time came, but that was the last time anyone else was mentioned.

I don’t know if I care because I had a dream that he was with a woman and having kids, and it feels now like a weird premonition. I don’t know if I care because he’s married again and I doubt I’ll ever be.

I am happy that he’s happy. I feel relieved that he isn’t alone, that life is a little easier again because he has a sighted person around. I feel confused about the instant family (the new wife has 3 daughters) but I’m happy he’s finally getting to experience fatherhood.

I’m mostly just shocked. It isn’t that I thought he’d be single forever, it’s just that I’m not sure when he moved on. I’m thankful he has, as maybe he’ll hate me a little less.

It is nice to know that all the family / former friends who thought I was so horrible for “leaving him alone in a strange city” will be pleased to know he’s no longer single.

I congratulated him and wished him well. I hope they are happy together, because I don’t think we could have been.

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