random remarks

– Unflavored Pedialyte is almost undrinkable. I don’t know if flavored is better, but I can’t stomach even that right now.

– A job is a wonderful thing, but when you settle because you’ve been looking so long, you will regret taking it at times. At my current place of employment, there are no paid holidays, no sick days, no vacation time. If you call in, there’s no one to cover you. There’s barely any sympathy either, much less benefits.

– If you’re sick, there are too many references to food on TV, so you’ll be grateful for Netflix.

– Women who wear enough perfume to start making me gag again should be shot. You do not smell good.

– Dear employer: I understand needing to make money to pay your bills, but not hiring another person (like you need to) and stuffing your schedule to the point your employees are dropping from exhaustion (even when they aren’t sick) is getting ridiculous. When I feel better, we’ll be having a talk about this.

– I’m sad I missed last week’s ladies who lunch. I’m hoping I can make August, because I’m missing social time.


3 thoughts on “random remarks

  1. You’re right it’s great to have a job in these tough times but your employer is not treating his/her employees right. I know times are tight but I feel like employers have a moral responsibility not to do what yours is doing. Sorry you are having to deal with this!


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