things I learned on the road

Solo roadtrips are good for thinking; and bad for thinking.

Fast food still isn’t my friend, and I wish there were better options available.

Rest stops are sometimes cleaner than truck stops.

There are great people in the world, that will help you anyway they can. (Thanks Nina!)

Lot lizards like clothes with easy access.

Driving 55 while other people are going 80-85 makes you realize how slow that is.

It only takes one idiot to cause a wreck that will cause delays in both directions for an hour.

Driving with an empty trailer is noisy.

A shower is so welcome after a long day on the road.

You won’t even complain much about your crappy hotel room TV not working and the A/C being busted when you’ve driven 14 hours and stopped 3 places with no vacancies.

If you sing in the car three days in a row, you’ll be a little hoarse.

5 hour energy shots are a little gross, but probably helpful.

It might just be stuff, but it’s sentimental stuff and you’ll be glad you have it, even though it cost a lot of money and time to bring it home.

One thought on “things I learned on the road

  1. Really liking this post… lots of truth! Done a lot of driving lately, and I find it pretty therapeutic overall. Just found your blog and am looking forward to reading more. 🙂


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