my ass, in pictures

There is no photos here, so my apologies if you were hoping to see some cheeks. It’s more about perception; and the need for a three-way mirror.

I try to dress in a way that’s flattering. I think I have my own weird style. I’m colorful, a little quirky, sometimes even a little sexy. I love dresses and I’m usually not afraid of anything.

Last weekend I met my fear when I turned around in the bathroom.

I bought a dress for this upcoming wedding that was a bit bombshell-ish. I worried that I didn’t have quite enough bust for it, or that it would be too long and hit me at the wrong spot.

I thought it looked good in the mirror. It wasn’t perfect, but I thought it would work. I looked around and saw that the back wasn’t very flattering.

I used the tripod to take a shot so I could see how it would look from another angle. When looking at the photo, I saw a totally different picture. I am often too hard on myself, but this is truth, in my eyes. If I am looking in the mirror and NOT seeing things the right way, then something needs to change.

My perception, my ass. They need to change.

6 thoughts on “my ass, in pictures

  1. Kate, I think all females feel like you do at one time or another. I know that as I’ve aged my hips have spread. I don’t even have kids to use as an excuse for the spreading. I’ve always been relatively thin so this dressing to hide the flaws is a new thing for me. I hate it!!!! I’m working on trying to get the hips back into number that doesn’t make me want to slit my wrists. 😉


  2. Well, I don’t have a great ass either, and it has got nothing to do with age or TTC frustration or whatever.

    Maybe you will find another dress that is fantastic…

    ICLW #39


  3. seeing a picture of yourself is like hearing yourself sing for the first time. I recorded myself in a quartet so a friend mine could hear us sing, but when I listened to it I was not horrified, but dissapointed, I was much better in my head.

    I’m sure your ass is fine, really, but they camera adds 10 pounds and we add a whole lot of baggage.


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