staying anonymous

I’ve had several people ask me lately why I prefer to stay anonymous.

I think to some degree I enjoy the ability to say whatever I want without the immediate worry that I’ll hurt someone close to me. I can vent about my family, my job, my relationship.

I’ve thought about being more transparent, about just letting the restrictions drop. Just using twitter under my real name, and perhaps closing the blog. Every time I get close to going through with it, I read about someone “outed” and I get nervous.

When I read about one of these outed people, and his situation, I immediately shivered, knowing at one time, I was just as at risk.  I had someone threaten me.

I’m not quite there yet, ready to shed the cloak.

3 thoughts on “staying anonymous

  1. I think that if anonymity allows you to share more of your hurts and fears, your highs and lows – that which makes you, you – then that is a good thing.


  2. Best to stay safe. I cannot imagine what they have all gone through (bloggers who were attacked), and why I will always stay private or not write at all.


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