training patience

My father has a passion for education. He’s not a teacher, but he has been involved in everything from PTA to state school boards. He’s worked as a business liaison at a charter school and has spent so much of his time training volunteers to work with children.

I’m not blessed with his ability apparently. I’ve been trying to work with my replacement this week, showing her how to do things as well as handling the normal work load. I’m totally stressed out. I think I usually do things well under pressure, but this woman is getting to me. She’s saccharine sweet and gives me a weird feeling I can’t shake.

It’s making me feel less sure about the new position I’m taking. I’m concerned, but I don’t know where to go with my feelings. I’m excited about a new opportunity, but I’m feeling guilty about leaving my current staff in a bad position. I feel very torn, and wish I had more input before this person was hired. I think it would be an easier transition if the person taking over was competent.

I’m trying to take the time to show her everything, and teach her the ways of the office, but I’m peppered with irrelevant questions. When we do get to something important, the phone rings and while I’m anxious for her to get some experience with our patients, I’m less excited to see she’s taking another personal call.

Lord help him when I’m gone.

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