my sister’s baby

My sister texted me a photo of her ultrasound picture shortly after I returned from NY this week. It was difficult to be there and be around all the baby centered conversations. Talk of names, nursery planning, showers, maternity clothes and so on.

I felt proud that I didn’t get upset at any of these conversations. Even though my stomach hurt and my heart ached, I smiled and tried to be a good sport. It was only after I got home, in the privacy and safety of my own kitchen, I broke down and cried. I haven’t figured out how to manage all the feelings that come with the progression of her pregnancy.

I want everything to go well, I want her to have an uneventful pregnancy, a pleasant delivery, a healthy baby. I really do. I just don’t know how to let go of the “what if”; how to stop wondering what might have been.

2 thoughts on “my sister’s baby

  1. This is so hard. As wonderful as it is for your sister, I am sorry you have to go through the pain. You sound like a wonderful sister – I wouldn’t have been able to survive all that talk without lashing out. Sending you strength.


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