I’ve written in one form or another for years. Journals throughout my teen years and early twenties. Then blogs – I’ve been unfiltered and anonymous and fighting against feeling inferior. I wrote about my marriage, my infertility, my divorce, my treatments, my volunteer work, my vices, my shortcomings.

It is often difficult for me to put words to my happiness. Writing about one’s pain, frustration, anger; that’s easier for me, for most. It’s cathartic to empty your brain, your heart and your character limit onto an audience, especially virtual. Sitting behind a screen, I can expose you to my most vulnerable thoughts. I choose to let down my armor, and let you into my world.

When a blog felt like too much, I took my nonsense to twitter, where I have found some amazing people. Some made a brief impact and some will be lifelong friends. I was happy to have that outlet when more coherent posting seemed overwhelming.

But, now things have quieted down; welcome to this part of my life. I’m ready to settle in and get into a comfortable place. Come with me, find a spot, make yourself comfortable too.



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