retina, interrupted

Shortly after writing that last post, I scratched my cornea. Within the recovery time frame of that fun time, it was discovered my retina was detached, and almost completely so. I was rushed to a specialist who immediately scheduled surgery.

I was quite upset by this. It wasn’t necessarily the emergency surgery, or the possible consequence of my vision. My complaint was much more petty. I would be unable to fly for the following weeks – conflicting with the plan I had to travel to Buffalo one week later for our wedding reception with my family. I was devastated, but the possible loss of vision scared me more than missing a party.

It’s been a difficult few months since. Recovery was slow and somewhat frustrating, as spending a majority of the time face down limits your activities quite a bit. Boredom that couldn’t be quelled with reading, or Netflix, or anything that took vision or concentration, really.

The fall meant I attempted to return to work, albeit unsuccessfully. Resulting in more complications, more doctor visits and what seems like an endless supply of numerous prescription eye drops.

I’ve left my position and have conceded to the physician recommendation of limited screen time. I am able to drive finally, so I don’t feel quite as limited as I did before, though I still have restrictions regarding driving at night.

Having lived with a blind person for several years, I thought I had an idea of what life would be like with impaired vision. Finding out the actuality was a slap to the face. All the technology in the world is difficult when you can’t access it and though there are features to help, they require the use of a sighted person to activate them.

I’m happy to see as much as I do, and I hope to continue to improve, but it has kept me fairly quiet and somewhat anti-social. I’m eager to change that.

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