lambs and lions

There is the whole saying: March comes in like a lion, and out like a lamb.

Surely I figured this was an allusion to the winter giving way to spring. After research, it seems it can be related to Jesus as well, or to the stars, depending on what you read.

March was ushered in this year by a snowy trip to Buffalo, and some time with my family. It was also a tough time recovering from surgery, so I’m thinking the lion aspect was accurate in more than one way.

However, even with warmer weather here in Dallas, I’m not feeling so peaceful. I feel like I’m looking for the lamb. Six job rejections awaited me via voicemail and email today.

Trying to find the balance is a little difficult. I cannot do what I was doing before. I cannot drive at night. At almost 8 months, my recovery is pretty solid, but the damage from my retina is not as easy as I would have hoped. I’m trying to pursue the baking business and look for something part time. Positivity is eluding me, but I am trying.

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