I delivered a wedding cake this past weekend. It was a touch stressful, but it affirmed how much I enjoy baking. There was some experimenting along the way; I need to find people to take my baking until they want to pay for it, so I can continue to play. I’m feeling positive for the most part.

It is difficult to place faith in myself, in my abilities, and my story.

I also decided to attend the InfertileAF summit next month. I used to speak at a similar event in Salt Lake, and I ran several expos and conferences before that in western NY. I think I have something to add, and I want to attend and connect with people who have similar journeys.

It can be lonely if you let it, and too often, I do let it. I speak my fears to my husband – about this new business idea, about what our future looks like, but I try to keep a brave face for others.

We also have some decisions to make with my doctor after surgery and test results have given us more information to work with. I am trying to stay in the light, and I appreciate his faith, his optimism. I’m just trying to be there with him,

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