random remarks

Today is husband’s birthday, he’ll be 39. I hope he can enjoy the day. He’s at school now and has his last exam tonight. He has one A so far, no other grades are back yet.

I’m going for my first massage today. It was a gift from a RESOLVE member turned friend. She is a LMT, but I’m nervous, although I’m not sure why.

As Christmas gets closer I find myself wanting to do nothing festive. It’s taking me ten times longer than usual to do the little things I have left to get done. I just finished shopping yesterday! We got a small check for some brailling he did, and we may buy for each other, which would entail more shopping.

I finally frosted the cut out cookies yesterday. I finished the accordion books I’m making for my extended family, now all I have to do is add the embellishments.

I have a feeling my sister will be getting engaged tonight. Her boyfriend asked my dad last week if he had permission to marry her. He wants to do it before Christmas eve, and tonight they’re going to some holiday light show outside. I’m excited for her.

The SS agency is still bunk. After finding out we have to wait for the disability, we then found out that his SSI for the blind was being stopped. Apparently they calculate regular income and unemployment differently. So now, we aren’t getting any help from them. That amount was really helping us to get by. We have enough for rent and utilities, etc. However, that small check took care of groceries and gas for the car. I still haven’t figured out what we’re going to do. I don’t believe we can fight any of this either.

I hope you can all enjoy your holidays! Bah Humbug!

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