random remarks

There’s a lot of analogies about how to describe infertility to the fertile. I wish I could find a really good one. When making a random comment to my mother about how some people find babies and children difficult or painful to be around – she made my mouth drop. And I was speaking very generally. I wonder what she’d think if she knew I was sometimes one of those people.

My husband had his first day of student teaching with the new teacher yesterday. It was a long ride to get him there, then I got to get home and still go back out to another school to get him (He has to travel between schools)I spent 3+ hours in the car each time – once morning, once in the afternoon. I hate that the other teacher “dumped” him like she did.

I tallied up what I have spent out of my own pocket for RESOLVE. It’s a frightening amount of money – especially considering I don’t have any. You’d be surprised how fast $5 here and $10 there adds up.

My period is late. Should have been here Jan. 9th. I am in pain and uncomfortable, and with the meds I’m on, not a pleasant person. I want it to get here and get over with. He wants me to test, but I know the delay is related to other medical issues, not pregnancy.

All I have eaten today is two underdone chocolate chip cookies – must go find lunch…

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