We’re headed to my Aunt’s. We won’t do husband’s family until Tomorrow, and it’s nice to not have to rush, trying to drive from one end of WNY to the other. Or cook for that matter. I’m glad I don’t have to cook, I feel slightly sick, and I’m thinking of downing something after we get to my parents’ house, because they’ll drive from there to the Aunt’s, and I won’t have to.

We have all the stuff he needs packed. Dad and brother are leaving this weekend to bring him down and get him settled. I can’t go, I have a small procedure to have done on Monday.

I still can’t believe he’s going. We made arrangements to have him stay in a corporate hotel until January. He will come home Christmas week, and wants to go back after that and move into somewhere permanent.

I’ve been walking around pissed. I have been avoiding him, and he’s been busy getting ready for the move so it’s been easy. There’s so much chaos right now and tension regarding the move.

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