I’m fed up. I fixed the problem with the tax people. I am trying to rectify the two speeding tickets I have obtained. Both for 15 mph over within the course of three days. This is of course, hysterical to me since I am the slowpoke of the road. I have to wonder, was it the rental car? Was it the fact that I was and am completely distracted by my personal life and the upheaval surrounding it.

I thought a trip home would be a nice break. Wrong.

It’s been about 8 weeks now, and I’m torn. Trying to settle things with the Husband. I’m tired of all the confusion. I’m wanted here, when I don’t want to stay. But guilt and obligation and other circumstances are keeping me here. My friends want me to come back and stay with them, but I have reservations about that. Plus, going back to NY has so many things associated with it. No one understands what’s going on and judgment is being passed. I have no idea what I’d do there.

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