I find it funny, and alternatively get annoyed, that this blog is so scattered. Some posts came over from my original blog, which shall now remain nameless. Others were on an interim blog, when I felt I no longer belonged in the infertility blog-world. Some were from a private unpublished journal. This being so, the posts are random. I’ve deleted a ton of things rather than bring them here. Even more could disappear as I notice them.

I was curious and decided to go looking at some of the blogs I used to frequent. Some were back up local people at home. Some were scrapbooking blogs. Others were my infertile friends, those whose reproductive abilities (or inabilities) I once followed as religiously as my own. Not surprising many disappeared. Became parents and busy, for the most part, I would hope.

While I seek out new people to read, new blogs to visit, I miss the camaraderie I had with some of those women. I felt like I truly belonged, which is a feeling I’ve never been very familiar with.

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