random remarks

Have been sucked into the vortex of American Idol, I had to laugh. I think we were the last holdouts not watching, and now we’ve been converted.

Watching scrapbook products on QVC is addicting. No wonder even with internet shopping that this company is thriving – these salespeople hosts could sell me anything. I will probably restrain though, I have too much stuff I need to use up before I allow myself to buy more.

My sister in law and her husband should be here tomorrow. I’ve been cleaning and organizing like a madwoman. I wonder, how did so much crap follow us here, it seemed like we threw out /donated /sold / recycled everything we possibly could, but tonight we were making more piles.

I want to take the company out to dinner either tonight or Saturday. I have done a little thinking, but I haven’t decided where to take them. I’m disappointed we haven’t explored more restaurants since we’ve been here.

Husband interviews new assistants tomorrow. I’ve prescreened and set up the interviews – I’m crossing my fingers that he is able to hire someone more qualified, more professional and less *cough* dramatic than the current one.

With the pool to be opened soon, I’m starting to look at bathing suits. You know, every woman’s favorite activity. I’m pretty secure, but this is one area that bothers me. Plus, like a lot of other women, somehow my hips and my bust don’t agree on suits.  I haven’t bought one in a while – we haven’t traveled anywhere warm and in Buffalo, there can be hot summer days, but pools are much less common.

Looking forward to TACA @ Centennial Park this weekend. Hoping my sister in law wants to go. I may be forced to pitch a hissy fit if I miss two things I really wanted to do in one week.

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