My sister emails me Saturday. Telling me her and her husband were discussing my parents 30th anniversary next year and how they want to plan a family vacation. This is one of her worse ideas.

In theory, a family vacation might be a nice idea.

She and her husband were thinking of cruising next year anyway and thought we should all go. My parents have never been on vacation. The last time they went somewhere was their honeymoon. I’m not sure they’d be all into a cruise. My suggestion, if we wanted to cruise was that we went over to Europe, since my mother’s dream has always been to go to Italy. We all get to vacation together, but we get a little out of it and Mom gets what she’s always wanted.

My sister has her heart set on somewhere Caribbean. I even suggested other ideas, like all of us going to NYC, where my mom’s never been. Or New Orleans, where my parents have wanted to go since they went there on their honeymoon. Basically she wants this vacation she had in her head, but wants us all to go, regardless of what the gift-receivers would want.

I’d rather spend more money and send them where they’d really like than pay for one parent each, try to worry about how my brother will save (since he doesn’t make much money) and try to figure out what destination will make everyone happy.

But, I can’t say anything, because once she gets something in her head…

Lord, give me patience.

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