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This idea of surprising my parents for their anniversary with a vacation is not necessarily a good one. My sister is pushy, my brother is apathetic, and I can think of other things I’d rather do with the money.

I’ve never missed Mother’s day. I feel bad that I won’t be there this year.  I’m hoping the flowers she’s getting at work tomorrow will be a nice surprise. Mother’s day isn’t one of my favorite days. I made cards because going to look at cards makes me cry every year. The mother-to-be cards and those for a first mother’s day are enough to send me into a crying jag. At least this year I’m saved the anguish of saying no to the maitre’d when we go to brunch and they ask if I’m a mother. I can hide out at home and watch lame TV or something, being as moody as I want to be.

I’m starting to think about what to do when my family arrives on the 24th. We haven’t explored much since we’ve been in town, so it will be nice to get out more. I know my Dad wants to tour the Hermitage, my mother wants to try some interesting restaurants and my sister plans on trying to hunt down Tim McGraw. I have to see what I can come up with for them to do.

One thought on “random remarks

  1. I’ve been here since 1991, so this is home. If you live south of Nashvegas, try Saffire at The Factory in Franklin or J. Alexander’s or Beethoven’s (non-chains) in Cool Springs. If you are looking for downtown/21st – The Boundry is one of the best and very unique too. That’s all off the top of my head now. As always check out Nashville.citysearch.com. They typically are not too off on their reviews. The Hermitage, never been, but a friend used to work there and loved it. Tim McGraw -they live in Williamson Co. Saw him & Faith at the Cool Springs Galleria in Dec. Got their autograph on a Target Gift card envelope (it was the only thing white in my purse – LOL) for my sisters Xmas present. Then I ran into Faith (almost literally as I rounded a corner) in downtown Franklin shopping boutiques. But your sister should know it’s a long shot. I’ve just been lucky.


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