I sit facing the trees and brush behind my apartment, grateful that I don’t view the parking lot or another concrete slab such as the one I’m on. Because here I can contemplate a future different from what I intended without my tears on display.

Behind the glass lay a man and a lab, both disturbed by tonight’s show of emotion. While relief washes over me in waves, anger builds inside that room. I know not what tomorrow brings us, beyond more words, but I know I’m one step closer to whatever lies ahead of me.

As I enjoy the warmth of the evening, my body remembers another kind of heat. Reminiscing the decadence of recent past, perhaps nights like that are not lost forever. Perhaps happiness isn’t either.

2 thoughts on “corner

  1. I face the trees at my place as well. Reflecting on my porch may not help my struggles, but my sanity does benefit.
    My best to you. I’m here for you if you ever want to talk.


  2. I’m here via a comment you left at Flutter’s place. Your last two posts are so raw I feel guilty for having read them, but as such, cannot leave without commenting. Wishing you strength, light and belief in your future as you navigate this unpredictable path.


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