therapy update

Talking didn’t go as badly as it could have, but not as well as I would have liked either. It was like a repeat of the therapy sessions we’ve already been to. But, I tried and I said many of the things I haven’t had the balls to tell him. Still, like so many couples, there are things we will just never “get”.

I’m frightened and relieved; exhilarated and anxious. But I’m trying to do what I need to for me. Be it selfish, perhaps. I can say he may be happier in the long run without me, but that sounds like bullshit. I don’t know that either choice is the right answer. I do know that I have to find out.

Side note: Craigslist is as entertaining in the job and apartment sections as it is in the personals. I’m intimidated by both hunts. With apartments, I’m trying to decide where to look. Stay here or head back home. There are pros and cons to each. I may just look for both things in both areas and see what happens.

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