random – DC version

Just finished – The Average American Male – Chad Kultgen. Interesting book, but not as amusing as I would have hoped. However, it does leave me wondering if my line of thinking is more male than female at times. Should this concern me?

This hotel is not great. Nevermind the fact that the hotel is mostly full of people with disabilities (ducking from criticism now) there is no good place to lurk. The staff won’t let a girl just hang out with a drink in the sports bar. On the bright side, the possibilities for entertainment are endless: just outside the lobby doors is a throng of people smoking and 2 drunk men in wheelchairs are showing off their “stunts” to some ladies. I think others are trying for a conference fling.

Supposed to be meeting husband and his former colleagues for lunch in swanky DC executive lounge tomorrow. I don’t like being introduced as his wife right now. I feel phony for acting like our life/marriage is fine for the sake of others, even though I’m accustomed to doing so.

Got the chance to rip into someone today regarding taking the guide dog somewhere. It’s nice to have someone acknowledge that their company was wrong and actually seem genuine about it.

Hotel TV choices suck – not even 20 channels. The price of the room is high enough to warrant a few more, but at least I can watch Oceans Thirteen and dream about a George Clooney.

Gotta answer the door – room service has arrived.

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