random remarks

My brother took the husband and I to lunch today. Granted, it was only Burger King (yuck) but we ran into him and he offered. We hadn’t visited with him since January, so it was nice to do so. Husband and I are going to the RESOLVE conference in MD next week. We’ll spend one day in DC and then stay in Arlington, VA. I know some of you are nearby, anyone want to meet for coffee or something?

School is okay. We’ve been doing a lot of traveling around so he can do his student teaching. I just can’t wait until we’ve reached the “it was so worth it” point.

Are you reading, or writing, a good IF blog? I want to read it. As you can see, my first set of blogs are dwindling. And while I still check on those of you who have moved on, I would love to see a new bunch of blogs added to my list.

A woman I know from RESOLVE had her baby this weekend. She tried for seven (maybe closer to ten) years before she had success. It was the first birth in a long time that left me feeling nothing but happiness.

We are still feeling a little sorry for ourselves. I haven’t been talking to him about it, but I’m sure he picked up on the lack of talking about it. When you have those unsuccessful cycles, you can’t help but remember where you’d be by now if you had been lucky…

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